Scheduling your repair or buyback is easy! 

Start by giving us a call or text. You can tell us what the problem is if you're not sure what it needs. If you already know that your phone needs, say, an LCD replacement, then skip to the next step, which is appointment scheduling. 

To schedule an appointment, use the Calendly link below. If you're not sure what your phone needs, give us a call. For repairs that require a drop off, schedule for 15 minutes. For repairs that are done on spot, schedule for 30 minutes. 

When arriving for your appointment, and this is important, please arrive ON TIME. Not early, not late, HOWEVER, it is better to be late than early. If you are late, no  big deal. If you are early, and we are not ready, you may have to wait anyway. 

Payment will be as follows: 

Cash is always accepted. 

Checks will be accepted for repairs under $200.00, but you MUST allow a PHOTO of your ID/Driver's License to be taken and held for three days. 

Credit, Debit, and PayPal are accepted, but there is a 3% fee. We do NOT accept Chip, only swipe. 

Financing through PayPal credit has its own fee, usually approximately 3% however it may be more or less depending on the total. Ask for details about financing. 

You can also pay when scheduling your appointment by PayPal, and within PayPal you can use a credit or debit card as well as any account balance you may have. To do so, use the PayPal widget below. Put in your name, the name of the repair, and the amount of the repair. For example, "iPhone 6 screen repair, John Doe, $69.00."