Phone Repair Pricing

Please note that due to new Chinese import tariffs subject to take place on September 1st, 2019, our repair prices will be increasing across the board to cover this new tariff. We understand that this is frustrating and it is frustrating for us as well. Please do NOT rely on these repair prices for the time being until we are able to determine exactly how much we will need to increase prices. We expect this increase to be between 15 and 20 percent before tax.

iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Screen Repair $49.00

iPhone 6/6+ Screen Repair $59.00 X05 

iPhone 6s/6s+ Screen Repair $69.00 X05

iPhone 7/7+ Screen Repair $79.00 X05

iPhone 8/8+ Screen Repair $89.00 X05

iPhone X Screen Repair $199.00 XO5 (OEM $279.00)

iPhone XR Screen Repair $199.00 XO5 (OEM $249.00)

iPhone XS Screen Repair $199.00 XO5 (OEM $359.00)

iPhone XS Max Screen Repair $379.00 OEM ONLY **We do not offer XO5 currently for the XS Max, as there have not yet been any aftermarket screens for the Max that meet our strict quality standards.**

iPhone 8/8+/X Back Glass Replacement requires replacement of the entire back casing. $159.00 for 8/8+, $199.00 for X. Housing swaps will NOT have the Apple Logo! NO PARTS AVAILABLE FOR XS/XR/XS MAX

iPhone 8/8+ Front and Back Glass $219.00! SAVE $30!

iPhone X Front and Back Glass $369.00! SAVE $30!

iPhone Battery Replacement

5 series $20.00 ------ $15.00 with screen repair

6/6s series $40.00 ------- $30.00 with screen repair

7/8 series $40.00 ------- $30.00 with screen repair

iPhone X $60.00 ------ $50.00 with screen or  back glass repair

We do not generally service iPod Touches. These devices are a pain to fix and cost more to fix than they are worth most times. 

To schedule a repair, please call or text 570-500-2895. We do not allow walk ins. 

Screen Repairs that say "X05" next to them denote repairs with X04 Technology display panels. For more information on X04 Technology, please visit