Phone Repair Pricing

iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Screen Repair $49.00

iPhone 6/6+ Screen Repair $59.00 X05

iPhone 6s/6s+ Screen Repair $69.00 X05

iPhone 7/7+ Screen Repair $79.00 X05

iPhone 8/8+ Screen Repair $89.00 X05

iPhone X Screen Repair $149.00 XO5 (OEM $229.00)

iPhone XR Screen Repair $99.00 XO5 (OEM $129.00)

iPhone XS Screen Repair $149.00 XO5 (OEM $229.00)

iPhone XS Max Screen Repair $249.00 OEM ($229.00 Aftermarket)

iPhone 8 through XS Max Back Glass is available in two options. The mail out option is $99 + tax and takes 3-5 days, logo on the back glass. The same day option is anywhere from $149-300 depending on model so call us for specifics. Same day repairs use parts that do not have an Apple Logo. 

iPhone 8/8+ Front and Back Glass $179.00! SAVE $20!

iPhone X Front and Back Glass $229.00! SAVE $20!

iPhone Battery Replacement

5 series $20.00 ------ $15.00 with screen repair

6/6s series $40.00 ------- $30.00 with screen repair

7/8 series $40.00 ------- $30.00 with screen repair

iPhone X $60.00 ------ $50.00 with screen or  back glass repair

We do not generally service iPod Touches. These devices are a pain to fix and cost more to fix than they are worth most times. 

To schedule a repair, please call or text 570-500-2895. We do not allow walk ins. 

Screen Repairs that say "X05" next to them denote repairs with X05 Technology display panels. For more information on X05 Technology, please visit