Phone Repair Pricing

 All Samsung Screen Repairs assume the use of a brand new OEM screen. Sometimes used, grade A/B screens are available at a significant discount, but can fluctuate by availability. Contact us if you are interested in a used screen for a lower price. Please note that sometimes certain color screen assemblies for Samsung phones may cost a bit more. While we can install any color you would like and we do not need to keep the same color, certain colors are a little more expensive due to supply and demand -- for example, Coral Blue on the Galaxy S8 is approximately $10 more than the standard black or silver because less of these screens are in production and thus command a higher price. 

We no longer offer Samsung Screen Repair pricing on our website due to fluctuating prices. Please call for the most up to date price. 

Samsung Back Glass $40.00-$60.00 (no logo)
.....If you would like OEM Samsung Back Glass with logo, please contact us as the price will be higher and fluctuates in price. 

For LG, Motorola, Pixel, OnePlus, ZTE, or any other phone, please contact us for an individual quote as there are too many models out there to have a set price list for each model. We do not stock any parts for phones that are not iPhone or Galaxy.